Hi hello, stranger! How are you feeling today? I hope that you all are doing well and reading this in good health. I’ve purchased a notebook a few weeks ago and as any creative person I have tons of pretty notebooks that I have no idea what to fill them with (can you relate?). 

So, I’ve come up with an idea… I don’t think there’s a name for the idea and I don’t have a name for it. So, I will tell you the idea in detail so you can know what I’m talking about.


The Idea 

If you’re a reader, then you surely have that one special chapter that you really enjoyed reading. If you’re a music lover, then you surely love listening to that one song which describes you so well or that one song with such beautiful lyrics. If you’re a movie lover, then you surely have that one movie that's story you absolutely love… So, why not to write your favorite things in a notebook and keep it with you. I think it will be fun to read the things that you’ve once loved. 


The Notebook 

The notebook that I’m using is from Daiso and I think that it was 7 QAR. I’ve actually already started writing on it. If you’re curious about what I wrote: I wrote Calling Magic’s 15th chapter, I love that chapter and the details. The notebook has a plain cover, which I actually like but I think I’d love to leave my touch on it. So, it’s decorating time!! 


The Decoration

I will show you guys the decoration in pictures and I will leave a small caption below each one, I guess this would be more helpful for you guys. (and easier for me!)

Here's the notebook's cover (plain)
I really liked this design, so I will glue these!

These are some of the printables I used

And Done!!! 

The Announcement 

If you’re a Jordan Clark fan, then you’d know that she recently shared a new collection ‘Summer Stories’ and I personally loved so much that I… created a collection myself!! 

I’m still working on it, I want to make sure that is perfect so there will be a lot of try & fail. I’m planning on publishing it late August, as it would be more convenient for me. I will be sharing some BTS and sneak peaks on my Instagram stories soon. 


The End

Hello, stranger. I hope that you're in good health. A few days ago, I got inspired to create some art after watching Jordan Clark's painting video and I wanted to share one my works with you guys. 

photographed & edited by me.

What I used? 
1. acrylic paint (titanium white + crimson red) 
2. a mini canvas. 
3. a brush 

photographed & edited by me

How I created the background light pink? 

I used white as my base, then added red and mixed until I got the perfect shade. 

Take a bunch of colours and create your own art. trust me, there's so much art in your brain.. 

stay magical & creative.
photographed by alexandra gorn & edited by me

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stay magical & creative.
photographed by estée janssens and edited by me

Hello stranger. I hope that you're doing well. It's not my first time writing an intro blog post or a "refresh" post.  I've had two blogs and one million fresh starts... I wanted to stop. I deleted all my social media accounts. "it's toxic" that's what I told myself, but was it?
I've always loved graphic design, creating blog templates & doing useful tutorials.. but sadly, I was too busy comparing my chapter one to someone else's chapter 20. I was so busy comparing that I stopped creating. "I'm not talented enough for that." that was one of the many tabs that was open in my mind.
An inspiring YouTube video, a beautiful and encouraging message and some pixie fairy dust was all I needed..

Welcome to "Creative Square Town" where all the creative people are more than welcome. 

stay magical and creative. 

the favorite

photographed by estée janssens  and edited by me Hello stranger. I hope that you're doing well. It's not my first time writing...
beautiful words
beautiful words
I want to lose myself in the music, give my soul to art, forget that I have a name and become the kind of beautiful that is only found in the heart.


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